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White T-Shirt - Country Line Dance Step Sheet

This is just one of the many fun line dances we do each week at the Big Apple Ranch. Print it out to learn on your own or come on down to the Ranch every Saturday night for a lesson!

56 Counts - 4 wall dance
Music: Nothin' To Lose - Josh Gracin
Choreographer: Geo Jedlicka

Hip Walks Right & Left, Point, Point, Hold, Replace/Point
1 R step forward
& 2 Rock hips back L and forward R
3 L step forward
& 4 Rock hips back R and forward L
5 Point R toe forward
6 Point R toe to right side
7 Hold
& 8 replace L with R & point L toe to left side

Rock, Touch Turn, Left Shuffle, Touch, 3 step Right Turn
9 Rock weight onto L
10 L touch next to R and turn ¼ to the right
11 L step to side (3 o'clock)
& R step together
12 L step to side
13 R touch next to L
14 R step to side
15 ½ turn to right on R,. step L (9 o'clock)
16 ½ turn to right on L, step R (3 o'clock)

Quick Vine Right, Cross, Turn, Shuffle Right, Turn, Shuffle Left
17 L cross in front of R
& R step to side
18 L cross behind R
& R step to side
19 L cross in front of R
20 Unwind ½ turn to right on both feet (uncrossing feet)
(9 o'clock)
21 R step to side
& L step together
22 R step to side
& L touch next to R, ¼ turn to right (12 o'clock)
23 L step to side
& R step together
24 L step to side

Sweep Right, Hold, Kick-Ball-Cross, Shuffle Turn, Pivot
25 Sweep R through center and out to right side, stepping onto right
26 Hold
27 L kick forward
& L step in place/next to R
28 R cross over L
29 L step to side
& R step together
30 L step to left turning ¼ to left (9 o'clock)
31 R step forward
32 Turn ½ to left, step on L (3 o'clock)

Step, Quick Vine, Pelvic Tilts, Heel Swivels
33 ¼ turn to left, step R to side (12 o'clock)
34 L step behind R
& R step to side
35 L step in front of R
& R step to side
36 L step together 37&38 Hips Forward, Back, Forward
39&40 Swivel heels to left, return to center and left again

Back Shuffle, Back Shuffle, Rock, Step, 2 Count Turn
41 R step back
& L step together
42 R step back
43 L step back
& R step together
44 L step back
45 Rock back on R
46 Rock forward on L
47 pivoting on L turn ½ to left, step R back (6 o'clock)
48 pivoting on R turn ½ to left, step L forward ( 12 o'clock)

Step, Point, Cross, Point, ¼ Turn, Body Roll, Shift Weight
49 R step forward (bending knee)
50 L point to left side
51 L cross over R (also with bent knee)
52 R point to right side
53-56 ¼ turn to left, backwards body roll (3 o'clock)
Moving weight toward R
& Shift weight onto L

R = right foot, L = left

Notation by Jon Lee and Geo Jedlicka, Big Apple Ranch 2006

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