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Hoedown Hop - Country Line Dance Step Sheet

This is just one of the many fun line dances we do each week at the Big Apple Ranch. Print it out to learn on your own or come on down to the Ranch every Saturday night for a lesson!

Choreographed by Jon Lee for the New York City Hoedown, May 2006
Description: 48 count couples mixer
Music: "You Can't Stop The Beat" - Hairspray Soundtrack

Starting position: couples facing each other, follows on inside, leads on outside of circle

Rotating shuffle box
1 ¼ turn to right, L step to side (partners will pass back to back)
2 R step together
3 L step to side
4 R touch together, turn ¼ to right (partners now facing each other)
5 R step to side
6 L step together
7 R step to side
8 L touch together, turn ¼ to right

Rotating shuffle box
1 - 8 repeat 1 - 8 (delete final ¼ turn)

Duck, walk forward 4 steps, turning hop, hop, hop, hop
1 lean down, chest parallel to floor (or close as you can) R step forward
2 -4 forward L, R, L
5 - 8 bring arms up over head, hop, hop hop, hop turning ½ left, face partner

Swing partner 1 ½ rotation
1 - 8 place right arms around partners waist and revolve to right 1 ½ times
Ending back in original starting positions

Wrap follow, rotate 1/2 , roll follow out Follows:
1 - 4 take leads hands (right to left and left to right) starting R step toward lead turning ½ to left, taking right arm over head into wrap position on lead's right side. (both facing same direction)

Lead: 1 - 4 take follow hands (right to left and left to right) starting R step in place taking left hand over follows head into a wrap position as follow turns ½ guide

Follow: 5 - 8 rotating to right, roll out from lead, releasing right hand, 360 degrees to outside of the circle, end facing lead. End touch L

Lead: 5 - 8 rotate to right, releasing left hand allowing follow to roll out from wrap feet step in place as you complete ½ turn to face follow. End touch L

Slide, clap, happy walk to new partner
1,2 ¼ turn to right, slide big step to left, step L (back to back with partner)
3 bring R foot together
4 Clap (you are now facing your new partner)
5 - 8 High stepping four walks diagonal to left ,¼ turn to right on last step (facing new partner in starting positions to begin again)

Except for the first 16 counts and the first four counts of the last 8 counts, starting feet don't really matter. If you need to have specifics use this rule of thumb, when ever you do side steps (counts 1 - 16 and counts 41-44) start left, all other times start right.

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